Is Google Panda annoyed you?

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It is a tough task for search engine to find or separate quality content and duplicates due to high amount of web content and it is becoming so tough due to some tools which are capable of generating contents automatically, normally they are known to be “Spinning Software”. So search engines always try to give users to give quality and relevant content for their search result by preventing irrelevant and bad contents. So Google play major role in this case by changing their search engine algorithms, one of the recently changed algorithm is Google Panda. And this is so common these days, Lets discuss why it is so popular among people who works relate to internet marketing, Search engine optimization and for website owners.

Sometimes you may experience the effect of Google panda; I personally experienced this for one of my major websites. So many websites were lost their Google page rank and search engine ranks (Google) due to this sudden algo change. What happen first is, you may lose some important keywords, URL and you will lose your search engine traffic as a result of this. This is a very big challenge for all people who works relate to internet marketing and SEO works. Most of the websites which had good search engine rank lost their positions and even they can’t find them in top 100 search results. Some keywords have been removed from search. Therefore I know it is so important for victim of Google panda to find out what associate with this Google panda and what are the changes done in their previous algo. All victims need to get their search engine ranks back as soon as possible.

So let’s we discuss some important points about this new algo, what is called “Google Panda“.

As my experience, first stop all the current SEO works for some time period. you have panelized by Google and most of the time there is a more chance to get their positions back in search engine if you correct all the errors you have done in past. If you continue to do same thing you will continuously panelized and may be your website domain will be banned.

In Google Panda, You should mainly focus on your website content. Quality, unique and fresh contents are very important. For an example if you have a website with 5-10 pages having same content for more than 6 months will not do anything for your search engine ranking. So my advice is to keep a blog associate with your website. It is the best way to publish fresh contents.

Have you Spammed Keywords? Correct them immediately.

Next you need to examine, what is wrong with your website content? I will give you example like this. If you are publishing funny stories blog/website and you published many stories. Your major keywords are fun stories, funny stories or something relates to this. But in your story content these keywords not appear much. But if you put them in much in header sections, titles, tags, Meta description and all you will face some trouble. Because you over used keywords without placing it in the content. So keep in mind to add some content in your keyword section as well. It should be 1-3% form total content.

These are the very simple and remedial actions you need to take immediately once you realized you are panelized by Google. And you can’t do much on this after this new Google panda algo changes. I am quite sure that you can get good results once you follow above steps and I explained you what I have experienced with Google Panda,

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