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Google Penguin

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Google stands firm to fight back black hat SEO practices. It vows never to let its search outcome spammed along with egregious and rubbish contents. To get to its goal, Google has launched Penguin algorithm. With all the introduction of the Penguin, tracking system to recognize ‘black hat web-spamming techniques’ from ‘white hat techniques’ would moreover be bolstered inside the aftermath of the Panda update.

Generally there are many Search Engine Optimization shortcuts and techniques which help rank undeserving of web pages higher. This guidance will most likely not work any longer.

Major Roles of the Penguin:

  • Look in the event which the sites are utilizing too many industry jargons
  • Give higher ranks to quicker sites with better crawl-ability
  • study originality of website contents and promote high-quality contents
  • promote ranking of these pages that offer great user experience
  • Avoid severe black hat web-spam strategies to manipulate search engines

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Is Google Panda annoyed you?

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It is a tough task for search engine to find or separate quality content and duplicates due to high amount of web content and it is becoming so tough due to some tools which are capable of generating contents automatically, normally they are known to be “Spinning Software”. So search engines always try to give users to give quality and relevant content for their search result by preventing irrelevant and bad contents. So Google play major role in this case by changing their search engine algorithms, one of the recently changed algorithm is Google Panda. And this is so common these days, Lets discuss why it is so popular among people who works relate to internet marketing, Search engine optimization and for website owners.

Sometimes you may experience the effect of Google panda; I personally experienced this for one of my major websites. So many websites were lost their Google page rank and search engine ranks (Google) due to this sudden algo change. What happen first is, you may lose some important keywords, URL and you will lose your search engine traffic as a result of this. This is a very big challenge for all people who works relate to internet marketing and SEO works. Most of the websites which had good search engine rank lost their positions and even they can’t find them in top 100 search results. Some keywords have been removed from search. Therefore I know it is so important for victim of Google panda to find out what associate with this Google panda and what are the changes done in their previous algo. All victims need to get their search engine ranks back as soon as possible. Read more

What is Google Zebra?

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Last time Google introduced Google Panda and Penguin which affects for many websites and webmasters were really in trouble. Because many websites lost its rankings and some websites are nowhere in top searches, at least in top 100 search lists. So this Google Zebra, what is new from Google is expecting to be a huge bomb. So all webmasters keep their eye on this new algo called Google Zebra, because bad experienced had due to Google Panda and Google Penguin. Google are mainly focus and their target is to keep quality content within the internet by giving only quality content to users who search through Google. Because we experience there are tons of useless contents are available in everywhere in the internet. Truly it is not a good sign for all internet users.

Even though, Google zebra is not released yet it seems make impact on SEO world. This time Black and White Monster is coming to see what it is like to be in the SEO world. Zebra update definitely going to teach few good and effective rules that make your business fly in internet market. Now what they expect to do this time, Google is focusing on content. Content is really important and its quality gives you knowledge and real shares of it will be appreciated or accepted by internet market. If you wish to improve your Google rank or search engine rank, do hard works. I say hard work mean, real hard work. Do not follow any shortcut methods which you find here and there from internet. Quality content always promote your website and grab more visitors. It will gain you traffic which brings sure shot business to your company. Read more